Within the programs offered by the European Union, such as Erasmus +, Creative Europe and European Solidarity Corps, we organize activities to involve many young people at local and community level in order to encourage them to be active, able to communicate with different people and discover new stories, traditions, inspirations and relationships. Italy for EU operates in the youth sector with activities such as:

– international mobility and exchanges;
– entrepreneurship;
– creativity;
– promotion and acquisition of new skills and competences;
– active citizenship and civic awareness;
– environmental education;
– social inclusion, solidarity and sustainability.

In addition, the organization works in professional training for tourism and more precisely in sustainable tourism, development and social economy. We also promote knowledge, conservation and exploitation of cultural and environmental heritage, based on concrete values. At the same time, we are committed to helping young people enter the job market, we organize activities to help older people stay active, to turn gender equality into reality, to treat immigration intelligently and to improve resource management natural.

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