Six very curious Italian ways of saying

The Italian language has several very curious expressions to point out concepts or ideas. These expressions are very difficult to translate and even to understand, especially if you’re a foreigner, although they are widely used in the common Italian language. Today we will analyze some of them:

1. Sei uno schianto, literally “You’re a crash”: this expression refers to the beauty of a person. When an Italian wants to compliment someone of good looks, he often uses this expression.
2. Non fare complimenti, literally “Do not make compliments”: this expression is very common in Italy and it refers to a situation in which one person wishes that the other does not hesitate to enjoy a service or courtesy offered. People can often have problems accepting favors, food, services offered; with this expression the interlocutor wants the other person to feel at ease and enjoy the kindness proposed.
3. Siamo tutti dottori, literally “We are all doctors”: this expression is ironic. Usually, it is used when you want to make fun of someone who claims to be an expert on a topic when he actually doesn’t know much about it. It is obviously a colloquial expression and is used in informal contexts.

4. A buon rendere, literally “To make good”: this expression is used when someone accepts a favor with the purpose of return it as soon as possible.
5. A go go, there is no literal translation for this expression! Italians spend this way of saying to point out the plenty of something, of an emotion or a situation. It is used in informal contexts.
6. A occhio e croce, literally “By eye and cross”: it refers to a hasty and approximate evaluation. It is very common for Italians to recur to this expression when someone wants to express his opinion about something without being sure.

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