During this period of health emergency, Italy for EU has continued to work to expand its network among institutions, companies, and hotels to allow young people to live unique work placement experiences. Our aim is to create a solid network of entrepreneurs who can welcome young people looking for a qualifying professional experience. At now, we have a database with more than one hundred associated companies and enterprises, public and private entities which whom we collaborate daily in many projects in order to ensure the best work placements for our participants.

Our programs offer a mentoring process during all the experience, check of language skills and work placement certificate at the end.

1) Travel & Tourism, Eco-tourism, Hotel & Catering
2) Sports and Management, Recreation & Leisure
3) Volunteering, Health & Social Care
4) Education and Learning Techniques
5) Accounting, Administration, Import/Export

Please contact us to receive more info and for our updated list of partners. Enjoy it!

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